Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 61- Three Months of Blogging!

Every Good Thing (click to listen)
My blog should be called, "Empty Nest a Whimsical Way That I Survived and Self- Actualized". Life is Good like the tee shirt says. (Wonder if there is a tee shirt out there that says"Empty Nest- Life is Good".)

Day at camp in September

Its hard to believe that  it's been 3 months of blogging! (I started July 2nd and today is October 1st ). After the daily summer blogs, I kept going like the energizer bunny.

I have had a blast and I have found peace and forgiveness in my present season. More importantly, in three months, I have strengthened past friendships and developed some special new ones. In many ways, I miss the daily "mom role" but I am content, balanced, proud of my son's growth and looking forward to this season in life.

EVERY GOOD THING (click to Listen)

              Today a friend shared this poem:
                 Accept each season as it passes,
                 enjoy the air, drink the drink,
                 and taste the taste,
                               accepting each one as it passes through you.
                                                  (author unknown)
Day 31 is a summery of the first month journey and below (click each link) is the continuing journey. I loved hearing that many have joined me in this adventure.

New Places
New Relationships
New Actives
New Things

Life is Good God is Better!
 Life is Good

 Life is Good

 God is Great Always!