Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 60 SMA-Skully's Wish Gala

I was invited to a Gala at the Children's Museum,  to raise money to cure SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). This is a rare disease that affects children by interfering with the motor nerve cell in the spinal cord thus depleting a child’s ability to walk, eat, and breath.  I really did not know much about this disease even though I am in the health profession and  did not know that it’s the number one genetic cause of death for infants. 

Now Galas are fun events and there are all kinds out there to raise money, many of which I have attended in the past for a new museum or the opera. This event however was different  for me because it was made personal by the telling of a little boy's story and the love of his parents, especially that of  the mom.  It touch my heart, not  just because of the disease nature, one that affects children,  but because there was a  community of people helping, demonstrating the good in others. 

As Maslow   notes, establishing  deep satisfying interpersonal relationships with a few people and being concerned for the welfare of humanity are characteristic of a Self-Actualized person. I saw a group of people supporting this child, who is beating the odds,  by attending this event and truly sharing financially.  Maybe some did it to be part of the gang but I hope most did it out of love.  Everything I Need to Know I Learned From A Little Golden Book  recommends, “get dressed up and dance” and what better way to do that than  to find a Gala for  a cause! 

(Currently there is no approved treatment for SMA. The cause of  the disease is known so  development of  effective therapies are needed. Learn more and or donate at http://www.curesma.org/sma/about-sma/)

Spiritual reflections
And the Lords healing power was strongly with Jesus. Some men came carrying a paralyzed man on a sleeping mat. They tired to push through the crowd to Jesus. But they couldn’t reach him. So they went  up to the roof,  took off some tiles, and lowered the sick man into the crowd, still on his mat, right in front of Jesus. (Luke 5: 17-19).

It was the faith of this man’s friends that impressed Jesus. The man was healed  by the perseverance  of his friends. 

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