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About Me
I am single mom living in Pittsburgh PA . I have one son who was off to Purdue University in August 2014. Thus in 2014 I became an "Empty Nester" and with a sudden end to a relationship, I was also  an "Empty Relationship-er." Thus I decided to start to blog about trying new things with  humor, reflection and some biblical guidance and I pulled myself  out of the quagmire of potential despair. This blog is a  survival tool box of newness for anyone who wants to try some new things!

Son and I in 2014- Started blogging

What this Blog was(is) all about 
If you find yourself contemplating an empty nest and at the same time an empty relationship resulting from an unexpected  circumstance, such as a crack in your egg by a  divorce, evaporated relationship, or if your just  plain single by choice because no perfect man or women out there can hold a candle to the hypothetical person that  we read about in  books, than this blog is for you.  You now really have an empty nest! So what are you to do to survive this syndrome of potential despair?  I hope this blog which offers a journey to survival  by  a challenge of trying something new everyday, either vicariously or by doing,  will result in a potential  survival tool kit.    
How this blog started (The Blog Idea Sources)
In June, 2014, during my nosebleed long seven (7) hour drive back from my child’s college orientation, the light bulb illuminated  –why not  challenge myself to trying something new everyday (which I did in the summer of  2014). By the end of this path, I hoped to replace the past familiar doing, giving, and/or incorporating the interest  of my child or at that time, long gone love interest, with   new self interest(s).  The goal was to find things that I really liked to do or not to do. 

What I have found that trying new things is healing and adds so much to your life . Pittsburgh and many places have so much to offer if you just get out there and get moving! 

My idea originated  from two sources: 1) the psychologist, Maslow's  path to “self actualization, ” which is reaching ones personal best,
Maslow's hierarchy of needs. When you meet all needs you can reach your personal best "Self Actualization"

 and 2) a  New York Times bestseller  authored by a good friend, “Everything I need to know I learned from a Little Golden Book” . Both sources I reference periodically in the blog. 

Best Seller authored by my high school friend, Diane Mauldrow
The above book starts out  asking “Is your life starting to feel like a circus? Don’t Panic…Today is a new day.” Today is the day to start the path as Maslow would label as   self actualization or   being capable of everything you can be.
Don't get me wrong,I will also be praying every step of the way and adding a little guidance from the good book too.

2017 -Future of the Blog

During the summer of 2014 I managed to blog about something new everyday. Now, 4 years latter, I blog at least weekly trying to share fun new things and or experiences in Pittsburgh or elsewhere.

 Now my son comes  home from  college some summers and some he takes class. Even though he bounces between my home, his dads home, and his friends, I am now comfortable with the quiet empty home and/or the son filled home. .Life after an empty nest, life with or without a partner, both  can be  self- actualizing  events  and sometimes something even better emerges,which gives rise to your best you!
It continues to be a fun journey and I hope you will continue to join me!

Spiritual reflection
For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need. But even so, you have done well to share with me in my present difficulty- Philippians 4 verse 13 and 14.
Other sources

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