Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 145 Scare House II

This is the scary season, so last night,  I had  take- out Chinese food,  watched a scary movie, and then  I was off to a haunted house. Not a real one like in (Day 103-Whaley House), but a dramatic “scare” experience –ScareHouse. Because I am chicken by nature,  I have never been a fan of scary movies or the haunted houses  that pop up  everywhere for Halloween  but since last  year it was  so much fun (see Day 78), I thought that I would be brave and give a it try again.

Like any good movie sequel, ScareHouse was just as much fun the second time around.  This place gets the prize for gruesome  decorating  details. Each room was just like a horror movie set.  The make-up on the actors was  terrific and they keep in character just like they do in Disney World.

Even though I knew that things would pop out at me, I still jumped and  screamed and each time that I did, I  burst into laughter. The laugher might have been the  result  of  embarrassment from the fact that,  “they got me again.”   Of course you also laugh at your friend when he screams  because you enjoy his moment  of fear and visa versa. 
I am not sure why we revel in the brief adrenaline rush of fear-  maybe because it quickens into laughter or because for a moment, we are not in control. Oh well, I am glad to say that my chicken days seem to be over since I have made it through  the ScareHouse twice!  However I will never go to the basement! (ScareHouse has basement for the super brave.)

Spiritual Reflection
The Lord is for me, so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortal do to me? (Psalm 118:6)

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