Monday, August 18, 2014


Everything I Need to Know I learned from a Little Golden Book reminds us to, "love… and your ship will come in. As long as you do your life is bound to be Golden.” This is the weekend that my son starts his new chapter and his mom really starts hers. This was the weekend that  I moved my son into Purdue University in Indiana. 

My "type A" gene paid off because we were able to move everything in and set the room up in about 2 hours even though when we started to move in, it rained and when we finished, it stopped -Murphy’s Law. I drove up the day before and kept myself up beat  by  “jamming” to my son’s top 40 music  and "Spectrum" on satellite radio.  They play songs over and over on the Top 40 stations and the  song Young Volcano  made me think of my son who was so excited to start college and does not have a care in the world yet. 
Mom no more pictures
As I looked at him all grown up, I kept flashing back to my little boy. His  first day of kindergarten seemed like just yesterday. 

We walked around campus and we had lunch then he said, “mom, I love  you but you can go because I want to go make some friends.”


I guess my blogging and preparation paid off because I left and did not cry but felt proud  of my son flying on his own.  Maslow states that when we listen  to  our own feelings in evaluating experiences instead of the voice of tradition, authority or the majority we exhibit self actualizing behavior.  However, I felt much better when  we made a plan for my next visit (smile).

Spiritual Reflection
Holy Father, keep them and care for them-all those you have given me-so that they will be united as we are. During my time here, I have kept them safe. I guarded them so that not one was lost… (John 17  sec. 11 and 12). And now I am coming to you. I have told them many things while I was with them so they will be filled with joy. I have given them your word. ..I am not asking you to  take them out of this world but to keep them safe from the evil one (John 17:13, 14, 15).

Jesus prayed for his disciples' protection as they went  forward to fulfill their  mission. I pray for my son as he starts his journey. Our mission(s) are  ahead of us and not behind.  

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