Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 135 Shaker Woods Festivel Columbinana,Ohio

I do not go to a lot of  craft festivals because I am practical and I am always thinking that I need to get rid of my stuff not buy more stuff. I was interested in this one because it is really located in the woods! Even though I thought that I would not buy anything, I accepted an invitation,  on another picture perfect day, to explore the woods with friends.   

Unlike other craft shows that I have attended, this one was more like an art festival. There was furniture, jewelry, candles, soap, quilts, rugs, chocolate covered apples, and  a lot of very  creative things. As in art, I enjoyed seeing the creativity of the things made. As we weaved though the booths I found myself thinking,“That is great idea. I could do that.” However I never make anything so I should have just bought it if I really liked it.   

My Pendent from Tatted Heirlooms and Common Scents
So much for not buying anything, I was there only five(5) minutes when bought a flowered lace necklace pendant. I was drawn to a booth with a lot of lace made by tatting which involves  a series of independent sliding knots made by a shuttle  tool. It sure is a detailed craft. 

Handmade soap from Tatted Heirlooms and Common Scents

As in ( Day 9 Goat Soap), I seem to be drawn to hand made soaps. I got some lavender smelling soap made from lard(animal fat), lye, water and the essential oil lavender.  It smelled so good and time will tell if it’s worth the $4.00 price tag.

We needed a map to see it all and it was fun to weave through the woods. They have the festival  every year so if you missed it this year,
 there is always Christmas In The Woods, in October.

Spiritual Reflection
God has given gifts to each of you from  a great variety of spiritual gifts. Manage them well so that God's generosity can flow through you. (1 Peter 4:10)

Other Sources
Tatted Heirlooms and Common Scents (330) 783-0650