Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bigfoot Discovery Museum (Day 62-77)

During my writing hiatus (Day 62-77) when visiting  Santa Cruz California, I did not anticipate  that I would end  up at  the  Big foot Discovery Museum. It was my friend’s excitement about this creature that prompted my tired noodle body from a position of rest to “explore what is out there” as recommended by Little Gold Books.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is located in the San Lorenzo Valley of  Santa Cruz which is a wooded area. It is only two rooms but you can see the famous creature citing footage and some plaster foot prints. The best part of the Museum was talking to  Mike, who had white hair and a white beard  and who looked more like Santa than the curator. He was passionate about this Sasquatch and if there is an expert on this creature he would certainly fit into that category. He articulated his encounter story which occurred when he was four (4) years old. He also proudly brought out a “Bigfoot tooth” found in the area. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Convertible Joy Ride (Day 62-77)

Living in the north east,  where keeping warm in the winter is essential, and  where the amount of warm sunny days are limited to a few months , it  seemed  impractical  to own  a convertible even though my dream car has always been a SAAB  convertible (not sure if  they even make that car any more ). So  when I was in Northern California during my writing hiatus (Day 62-77),   I took a “joy ride” as Little Golden Books suggested, and cruised  the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1A) in a Red  Camaro.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Enjoy a Wedding (Day 62-77)

Weddings make us think about a life together is better than life alone. 

Paper Doll Wedding 1954
It’s ironic that I have not been to a wedding in years and now it’s a wedding fest in October.  This was a new challenge to travel so far  and visit  two new destinations (California and Utah) in an effort  enjoy  two wedding occurring during my writing hiatus (Day 62-77).  My blog inspiration, Everything I Need to Know I  Learned From a Little Golden Book, reminds us to not “forget to enjoy your [a] wedding.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

Team Becky-Step Out for Diabetes Walk (Day 62-77)

Becky's Bruisers Oct 5th

During my writing  hiatus (Day 62-77), I  was on Becky’s team for  the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Step Out for Diabetes Walk. I am not sure how I got so altruistic this year with the Alzheimer’s breakfast (Day 27) , the walk for Ovarian Cancer (Day 57) and this latest walk, but it’s really all about being present for your friends, relatives, and your community. They were all great causes and as noted in Maslow’s concept of personal growth, a self-actualizer  is concerned for the welfare of humanity (simple psychology ).

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ducky Tour (Day 62-77)

During my writing hiatus (Day 62-77), I took a Ducky Tour, a land / amphibious tour of Pittsburgh. In the past, I thought that these tours just were too “cheesy” (another Pittsburgh original description), for a native Pittsburgher  like me to try.  I never thought that I would be one of those persons sitting on an obnoxiously  bright “bus/ boat like thing,”  chiming in with the others, and yelling  “quack, quack, quack” at city walkers on their  cell phone. My excuse for the tour was that I had to try to find a light non- threatening environment in which to introduce my mother to my friend but down deep, the big kid in me really just wanted to go! I also think  I fulfilled Little Golden Book’s advice to “frolic”  and Maslow’s child  like self –actualization characteristic with this challenge.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 62-77 Blogging Paradox- Got too busy

(Oct  1 to 15) We all have a story to tell.
I took a hiatus from writing even though I stayed committed to trying new experiences. Consequently, I became so busy that I did not have the time to blog. What a conundrum when you don’t have time to write but crave it like a good piece of chocolate or better yet, a little loaf of fresh baked spongy soft Italian bread with butter-yum! 

Golden Books 1954
Therefore, the next few blogs will be reflections of the past  two weeks. The first  week   involved  fun stuff in Pittsburgh, and the next week involved traveling  the northern California coast, attending two weddings and also visiting Utah. The latter  resulted in moving almost every night and covering a lot of ground in five (5) days which gave  birth to another dilemma - finding a way to pack for varied climate changes. Girls, I know that you understand this paradoxical situation!  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 61- Three Months of Blogging!

Every Good Thing (click to listen)
My blog should be called, "Empty Nest a Whimsical Way That I Survived and Self- Actualized". Life is Good like the tee shirt says. (Wonder if there is a tee shirt out there that says"Empty Nest- Life is Good".)

Day at camp in September

Its hard to believe that  it's been 3 months of blogging! (I started July 2nd and today is October 1st ). After the daily summer blogs, I kept going like the energizer bunny.

I have had a blast and I have found peace and forgiveness in my present season. More importantly, in three months, I have strengthened past friendships and developed some special new ones. In many ways, I miss the daily "mom role" but I am content, balanced, proud of my son's growth and looking forward to this season in life.