Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bigfoot Discovery Museum (Day 62-77)

During my writing hiatus (Day 62-77) when visiting  Santa Cruz California, I did not anticipate  that I would end  up at  the  Big foot Discovery Museum. It was my friend’s excitement about this creature that prompted my tired noodle body from a position of rest to “explore what is out there” as recommended by Little Gold Books.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is located in the San Lorenzo Valley of  Santa Cruz which is a wooded area. It is only two rooms but you can see the famous creature citing footage and some plaster foot prints. The best part of the Museum was talking to  Mike, who had white hair and a white beard  and who looked more like Santa than the curator. He was passionate about this Sasquatch and if there is an expert on this creature he would certainly fit into that category. He articulated his encounter story which occurred when he was four (4) years old. He also proudly brought out a “Bigfoot tooth” found in the area. 

citing map

Mike made an interesting point when he said that,“ Bigfoot brings out the worst and best in people by starting a debate.” (I think he was referring to me who does not really believe and my friend who would jump at the chance to go on the next Bigfoot search team if invited.) 

Like Santa, I believed in the existence of Sasquatch as a child. As we  get older it’s seems  harder to believe in something that we can’t see. I hope there is a Sasquatch out there. I also have to admire. Mike and those  who believe it exists, because they  certainly  are exhibiting the behavior of being self –actualized by being prepared  to be unpopular with a view that does not  coincide with most.
Morning hike in Santa Cruz
So when I hiked near the woods I kept alert in hopes that I might be able to add a pin to the  museum Bigfoot citing map. Look over there I think I see a Bigfoot!

Spiritual Reflection 

 Jesus told Thomas
.. " You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who haven't seen me and believe anyway."  (John 20:29)

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