Monday, October 31, 2016

The New 2017 Scarehouse and Day 173 Scarehouse-Happy Halloween

During Halloween weekend,  I  experienced the adrenaline thrill of  fear  again at the ScareHouse.  As a girl who sleeps with the lights on after watching a scary movie, I had to invite someone for a  sleepover after I experience these 3 ScareHouse  haunts!

There is a new Sunset Lodge which is a old hotel that  has been  taken over by serial killers. The hotel was just like a horror film movie set. The ScareHouse  room details continue to amaze me and the 70 plus actors always seem to stay in character.

There was  a new  3-D circus themed haunt with some really scary looking clowns. This was my favorite group of rooms. I laughed at myself as I jumped, when turning back from  looking at my friends behind me, I came face to face with a clown with a scary huge grin. In  3-D it protruded out as if to bite me!

The Infernal Haunt with  more demons and scary dolls always seems to produce that feeling of "get me out of here"! There is something  about those big eyed dolls that just creeps me out.

I am not sure why we enjoy the thrill of a little fright but ScarehHouse did it again! I am still not ready for the basement experience.

Happy Halloween. 

Day 173 Scarehouse-Happy Halloween

 I am a girl who sleeps with the lights on after  watching a scary movie and who turns her head during horror movie  TV clips. I must  be getting brave  in this empty nest period because this was my third annual Scarehouse visit. I wondered if this place would still give me that scare thrill. In case it did, I had friends join me for support this time.
He moved! Foggy

I  wonder why we enjoy  that heart flutter adrenaline spark  when something unexpectedly jumps at us or when  the presumed mannequin is real and  moves toward you. I guess there is a dopamine rush that keeps us coming back for more.

Scarehouse produced it again with three new haunts: Infernal, Nocturnia and the Summoning.  They had 80 actors bring to life the movie set rooms. I still enjoy the first room where someone is designated the “chosen one,” (me again), and the creepy theater. I am amazed with the detail of each room and the smoky haze throughout the house gives it a dream like atmosphere. The fog also hides the actors for the scare!

 Still clutching as I walk through

Scareshouse claims to also house real spirits in the historic building built in 1915. It was a bank, an employee club with a pool, a bowling alley, and a restaurant, and an Elks lodge from 1920 to 2006.  The building has a rich history  just  like the Whaley House that I visited in California where this skeptic got a ghost picture (see Day 103 ).  Scarehouse also offers  paranormal investigation events  but I don’t think I am quite brave  enough for that new experience.  (For the brave, there is a investigation event on  Nov 5th.)

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