Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 208 Nightly- Alternative POP at Spirit (Lawrenceville, Pgh)

Nightly in Pittsburgh

I have tried listening to various genres of music and exploring different music venues in my continued  quest to try new things (see Days  169, 172 and 174 ). This is in line with what my blog inspiration book, Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book, recommends, “keep music in your life”.  So I was off to experience Nightly, a band from Nashville and try listening to some alternative pop at a new venue, Spirit, in Lawrenceville.

I have to admit that at my age, it is quite unusual for me to go anywhere other than my comfy chair on a Tuesday night  but I wanted to hear my girlfriend’s son play.  I believe that it is important to support others, especially bands in this difficult  industry.

Nightly at Sprint club in Pittsburgh 
I am not a music critic but I watch the television show “Voice” religiously and like wine, I just know a good one when I experience it. I would characterize Nightly's sound as Pop/Rock. Their  music had a  heavy guitar presence combined with that “pop sound” of a repeated chorus that hooks you into singing it.     

The song, Talk to Me, had the audience bouncing (that is what people much younger than I seem to do when enjoying a song). Their single, XO, about the ambivalence of a fading relationship, has a clapping, bounding, infectious beat  with a catchy refrain, “Love you, but I got to let go…XO”. My favorite song was No Vacancy  with its fast steady heart beat like pulse throughout.  
Dynamic  trio 
The venue, Spirit is located in Lawrenceville not far from some new trendy restaurants. They have an interesting line-up of touring bands and local bands. It’s a smaller venue with great pizza!  

I would definitely try this place again to experience new sounds. Nightly will also stay on my watch list as a new alternative pop band. I can't wait to see what is next on their play list. (Nightly on tour)

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