Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 209 Celebrate Earth Day-“Ecolution Fashion Show” at Fairmont Hotel/ the Universe and more

Earth Day Pittsburgh celebrates the city’s transformation from steel production to a city with a pulse for green innovations with the theme,“Steel to Sustainable”. The festivities kicked off with the, “Ecolution Fashion Show” at the Fairmont Hotel. My Blog inspiration book," Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Little Golden Book", reminds us that we should remember to, “Look up…Stargaze”. “Plants-Preserving the Wonders of the Universe” was what this show celebrated with art, fashion, food, and dance.

 STACYCEE PEARL dance project 
The tone of the show was set with an opening  tribute to Rachel Carson, author of the book “Silent Spring,” which is credited with starting the environmental  movement, footage of space travel, and the iconic Indian anti-pollution commercial. Then it was energized with  dancers from “STAYCEE PEARL dance project” moving to the song, Summer Breeze (Isley Brothers). The audience was awed by a butterfly fashion with  re-purposed circular glass and steel fiberglass huge wings (Pgh Glass Center Artists) which kicked off the non-stop “cosmic fashion”.

 "Milky Way" (Faith & Kahos)
The show was an “out of this world” experience with local artists creating fashions inspired by the universe and sustaining the environment by recycling materials in the fashion construction! The  runway models really displayed works of art evolved from the imagination and heart of Pittsburgh’s local artists. Each construction was detailed, even down to the artistic direction of hair and make-up created by Izzazu, Spa, Salon and Serata.  Body  art was  displayed in  “Earth and Galaxy” (Lauren Borwoski make-up artist) and the “Black Holes”(Terry Boyd) fashion was  adorned with under eye gold leaf. 
Body art "Earth and Galaxy" (Lauren Borwoski)
The fashions were so amazing with the cleaver use of materials. “The Sun and Solar System” (Cat Belskey) shined with lights, a hat of plants, and  reused  bicycle covers in the skirt; “Mercury Rising” (Tom Higgs, Karen Page)flowed with  recycled tie-dyed fabric in the wings and lights woven into the bodice of the dress;  and “Northern Lights”(Keith Kelly) bounced with recycled  plastic six-pack rings in a cascading skirt and neck choker.

"Northen Lights" (Keith Kelly)

This was the third annual fashion show event and I would not miss it next year! You could feel the creative excitement in the room especially from Emilio Cornacchione (Izzazu) who has a vision  to expand this  event to other Earth Day cities with simultaneous video streaming-Pittsburgh sure is going from a “steel city to a thriving home for green innovation”  
Sun and Solar System (Cat Belskey)
(See other  Earth day events at . Try the Solar Powered Food Truck Festival located at Fourth Avenue and Market square and/or The Great Lakes beer crawl, where you drink beer and they plant a tree. Don’t miss the earth day wrap up party on Saturday, 4/22/17, "La Vie en Vert" (The Green Life) at Penthouse of the Frick Building and enjoy Pittsburgh's beautiful skyline with food and entertainment.)

Constellation (David Pohl) 

Spiritual Reflection

Praise him, sun and moon! Praise him all you twinkling stars! Praise him, skies above! Praise him, vapors high above the clouds! Let every created thing give praise to the Lord, for he issued his command, and they come into being. (Psalm 148:3-5)

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