Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 132 High School Friends/Little Golden Books

Di and I 

When I started this blog I was  inspired by  a book authored by Diane Muldrow, a  friend of mine since high school (See Blog Day 1)!  Her first book, Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book, is like a flash back to your childhood and reminds us how those little books in so many ways, spoke the truth about life. Her latest book, Everything I Need to know I learned From a Disney Little Golden Book  states, “Magic is something we can make ourselves! Start with a friend, a true-Baloo friend”. That is just what I did when I spent time with Diane and  a few other high school friends.

Di's Books..New York Bestsellers

There is nothing like reminiscing about your childhood. That is why the Little Golden Books are so appealing even as an adult. Likewise, spending time with your  good friends from high school is so comforting  and with ease you fall back into a familiar  rhythm of laughing and telling stories. 

 It does  not matter how "successful" you are as adults, when you're with good friends, you're back in high school, you're all on the same playing field, and your're enjoying the time remembering.  It seems like people really don’t change much from who they were in high school even if their profession, marriage,  financial status, or appearance change; their core is constant. 

Friends since High School 
It is great to share the past with friends and to  keep close those friends that you share a past with! This is going to always stay in my survival tool box and so will reading Little Golden Books.

Spiritual Reflection
There are “friends” who destroy each other, but  a real friend sticks closer than a brother
 ( Proverbs 18:24)   

Two people can accomplish more  then twice as much as one;  they get a better return for their labor. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help.( Ecclesiastes 5:9,10)

Other Sources
Everything I Need to Know