Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 100 Enjoying Quiet, Change, Blogging

(I took a writing hiatus as I reflected on  the centennial blog day!)

On this 100th Day, it is hard to believe  that I have been at blogging  for 8  months and wrote 83 posts of new experiences.  This blog started out as way to survive change. My change resulted  from  a  blindsided crash and  burn end to a long relationship while  simultaneously my only son left  the nest  for college.  With a past that was  focused on others,  I had to find a way to focus more on “self”  and to keep my sense of humor  if I was going to find all this change to be positive ( see Why Started This Blog).   Through this process  I built  stronger  and new bridges with family, friends, co-workers and God.  So really, with the right attitude, change can be good even though in the beginning I fought it with the same passion that I now embrace it. 

Blog inspiration, Friend's book
I can now be at home in a perfectly quiet house sitting in my Buddha position  writing and loving  it! In the past I would have rather eaten dirt than have a perfectly quiet house with “nothing going on.” Now I have found enjoyment in the quiet. The blog, which really is about finding peace in change, was a great way to maneuver through it all.  Additionally, the  spiritual reflections have  validated that  the  Bible really  does apply to all areas of life, change, healing and new beginnings. 

How to Blog
Many have asked me, “How did you know how to blog?” I am  not  even close to  being “a techie" type of person  so I had to read  a bunch of stuff on  blogging.   Hopefully  I can help if you’re a “would be” blogger. There seems to be two free templates to  get you started - Google and WordPress. A good resource that explains how to start a blog  in way that even I could understand is’   
Finding the subject for your blog is step one. I got my  ideas from the simple life lessons or quotes from Little Golden Books  that my  girlfriend, Diane Muldrow, so skillfully complied in her (3) books below.  Additionally, since learning about Maslow in college, I  have always loved the positive idea behind Maslow’s theory of striving to be  the best you can be or Self- Actualization.  
Maslow's Hierarchy  of Needs

I believe everyone has story to tell and mine  is still evolving. February (thanks to Hallmark) is all about love  but really love is the basis of  friendships, families, relationships, passions and truly what the Bible is all about. I say find your love or  something new that you love to do and share it maybe in your own blog. I wonder what challenges I will have found on Day 200!

So today I am enjoying the quiet of an empty house which is  not really empty at all! 

Spiritual Reflection
(Day 1 Scripture )
For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need. ( Philippians 4:13)

Other sources 
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