Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 9, Goat Soap

(Please see Day 1- "Why this blog" if this is your first visit)
Day 9 Challenge Goat Soap
I have heard of goat cheese and goat milk but never goat soap.  Another nice fair lady talked me into this one because she was so excited about her goats and her new business. The Little Golden Books direct you to “treat yourself.”  Therefore, I splurged and bought a bar of goat soap for $4.50. My rational was that maybe it will result in  a beautiful ivory facial glow like hers but maybe she was radiant because she was talking so fondly about her eight (8) pet goats. 

I thought goats were stupid and could eat you out of "house and home.” She said that her husband told her that if she was going to keep the pets that she had to find something to do with them so she started a business.  In Pittsburgh, a nonprofit group even bought goats to clear up a hill side.  This  sweet  lady also excitedly  calmed that when she called  “here goats” they came running  but that her dogs did not.  Maybe what I need is a goat!

I admit that the soap was very creamy and smelled wonderful but it did not seem to make me feel any different. Maybe I need to use it during a bath. During my shower, I thought, " I better not let the water run over this soap too long or my golden $4.50 bar of soap will melt away."  
I think that this challenge  fueled conversation that I would not  have normally had with the "goat lady"  but I can’t really say if this soap will stay in my survival  tool box  at this price. If it works on poison ivy as claimed it is a keeper. I think that I liked the fair lady more the bar of soap.  Does anyone have a testimonial?
Spiritual Reflection
All the women who where willing used their skills spin and weave the goat hair into cloth.( Exodus 36:26)
Our work can take on beauty and reflect our God given abilities.
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