Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 23 Belly Dance Basics

(Please see Day 1 if this is your first visit to this blog)
I  had this  Belly Dance book and tape since Borders was in business! I never had time or the nerve to open it, so for this challenge  yesterday and today,  I cracked open the book and explored  belly dancing. 

Yesterday we all laughed (Day 22) as we tried to do the moves in the book. I have done that  Zumba thing at the gym, love to dance, and took ballet all through college, so it was doable when I did  one move at a time.  However, when the music started, I forgot all the moves and ended up just moving my arms around and doing the shimmy. I am sure I would have been kicked out of  the harem.   

I was determed to figure this out, so I  found a  web site that has  free classes  and practiced  hip circles  and  some other moves. I like this site and I  think  that I will try to master some moves and add them into my Day 21, exercise routine.
 It even might be fun to also try a class.   I was surprised to discover that there is a Belly Dance Festival in Pittsburgh in November. Now that would be a challenge. Who knows maybe I will enter that.  Does anyone belly dance?  

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