Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 21-Exercise Tailor Made

(Please see Day 1 if this is your first blog visit)

Little Golden Books recommends that we “get some exercise every day.” Maslow's Self Actualization  includes achieving  aesthetic needs or  the appreciation and search for beauty and balance which  is part of reaching ones full potential.

I always exercised but never had a personal routine. My friend decided that for this challenge, I should  have my own  exercise routine, professing that  8(eight)  little exercises  will give a full body work out in  20 minutes and that if I do them 3 times a week for a month, I will be on my way to looking like Carman Electra.  He said, do this “workout like it’s your books for a class, ”  another words- take it seriously.

His excitement about exercises was contagious. I think that the best part of  having a personal trainer is that they are so enthusiastic about exercise. I did not want to let him down and my desire to not disappoint, kept me moving even when my legs felt like noodles.  The next  day,  I could hardly lift my legs and had to take Motrin. Even in pain I heard that trainer voice, “workout like it’s your books” so I kept at it and I will continue.  Plus I've been eating the Day 10 Yuengling ice cream non stop so I better stay with this routine. Who knows,  I  might just be on my way to my own  “empty nester exercise video!”

Spiritial Reflection
All athletes practice strict self-control. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for external prize. (1Corinthians 9:25) I discipline my body like an athlete, training to do what it should..

Takes discipline to live the life we are called to live. I try to train with a daily devotion.

Don't you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and the Spirit of God lives in you.
(1 Corinthians 3:16)

Take care of our health and body so we can do the work of God.

Other Source
Here is my routine (I use exersise bands, exercise ball and dumb bells but can can do without them):
Alway keep your core tight, which is  stomach pulled in and your  back back straight.

3 sets of 20 Calf raises, use band for resistance. One set toes straight, then wider stance, then toes in. (This is going up and down on toes)

3 sets of 20 Squats, use band for resistance. One set legs close, then wider stance, then toes pointed out.

3 sets of 10 Hip flexors, use circle band for resistance. (hold on chair, leg goes out to side)

3 sets of 20 crunch twist, use exercise  on ball, go straight, left elbow to right knee, right elbow to left knee. (mini sit ups but in 3 directions, can do on floor but best with exercise ball)

3 sets of 20 rows, use stabilized band on pole-could use dumb bells  and pull back . Think of  trying to get shoulder blades touching. (pulling back, keep elbows out)

3 sets of 10 push up-I do girlly  ones with knees on the floor

3 sets of 15 Dumbbell shoulder press,  arms to side parallel, push up over head, down, elbows in.( 3lbs)

3 sets of 20 Curls (5lbs) (rest arm on leg and curl, can use soup can if you do not have weights)

He said then hydrate with water, have a source of protein and streach. Have fun!