Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 19 Vintage Grand Prix

Day 19-Vintage Grand Prix
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To assist in my journey of new adventures, a friend invited me to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. I never went in the past because I thought loud cars going in circles, like on TV Nascar, just seem too boring and might spark my motion sickness tendency.  However, Little Golden Book commends “stay curious”  …so off I went.

This was so much more than cars going in circles.  This  was also not a “haute-taute” event ( if so, I would have hated it) but a way to view really interesting looking cars, not too fast or too loud (top 60mph) ,and the Schenley Park course was interesting.   You could view different vantages all over the park and get there by shuttle. Plus this event is free, has been going on for 32 years, and has raised 3.5 million dollars for the Autism Society. That is a good enough reason to go and no wonder it was so well organized. 


 I strolled passed groups of BMWs, Porches, Mini Coopers, Maseratis and of course the Italian Ferraris. There was food , venders with free stuff, kid games but the best part was just going near the  pit area and talking to the drivers. Of course I had to do that- talk I mean. I met a couple that were passionate about racing their cars.  Jacki and Bob are from eastern PA and both Italians so no wonder I liked them. One of the them was  even a Sicilian like me!
So  I will not miss this next year. If your not from Pittsburgh,  I suggest that you “google it” to see if there is one near you. Better yet come visit us in Pittsburgh next summer, usually in July. 

 If you went I would  love to hear your experience or how you liked it. I wonder how Bob and Jacki placed?

Spiritual Reflection
Remember that in a race everyone runs, but only one person get the prize. You must run in such a way that you will win. (1 Corinthians 9:24)
Prize is the heavenly reward  and prayer, worship, study gives you strength to say on the track.
Other Source
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