Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 15-Change the Music-Jazz

Day 15-Change the Music-Jazz

(Please see Day 1 if this is your first visit)
Little Golden Books recommends that you “make music a part of your life.” Music has always been a part of my life and  long  long  ago I even played the saxophone but  for many years  it seems like I was listening to live 50’s or classic rock music (due to other’s preferences ).  Since this is my new journey it is time to “change up” the music.
My real passion had been listening to  jazz. My CD collection is practically  all  jazz, so this challenge was to find some live jazz. I also challenge you to  “change- up” your music.  
I was surprised that I found a place that had live great jazz during the week. I ended up in dimly lit basement room with great acoustics James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy. My head started to bob as I was  lost in the free flowing base rhythm and scat of the saxophone (my favorite instrument).  There was a terrific  women saxophone player and since it was an “open mike” night, a lot of seasoned musicians were changing places.  It  is time to get the CDs out (or download on pandora ) again and listen to some of  my Michael Breker, Grover Washington, Ella Fizgerald , Miles Davis , and Michael Franks. (This blog is interactive. Click on  name to listen and enjoy.)
I really forgot how much I loved this music! Right now I am listening to my all time favoret song -Doctor Sax. I have to take a  break and dance in my living room now!  

I say to you go and "get you some jazz" or just change it up! This is a keeper in my new box.
Spiritual Reflections

Then Moses and the people of Isreal sang this song to the Lord.. (Exodus 15:1)

Music is a celebration and  way to praise!

Other Sources
Dr. Sax -Michael Franks and