Saturday, June 24, 2017

Day 223- Myrtle Beach-Beach it Relax-A Trip of Many Firsts

First time that I did not drive 

Even though I usually go to the beach at least once a year, having no child or family with me is a new experience.  I like the idea of having  no one to worry about  except myself.  I decided to beach it with a  “chill attitude” and with no set agenda. There is nothing like being at the beach and walking along the edge of the sand and listening to the sound of the cracking waves and wind.  Luckily for me, Spirit and  Allegiant Air both have  very inexpensive direct  flights from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach so I decided to  beach it and relax early in the summer with a bunch of new experiences!

Sunrise from my balcony. I was up early to watch it several times.
 I have been to Myrtle Beach almost too  many times to count but I have always driven  the 10 hour  “nose bleed drive”  to get there.  I decided that my beach driving days were over- another first.  Also I have always gone to the beach  for  8 days/7 nights  and around the  third day, I seemed to find myself  counting down  the days that I had left. With no one else to worry about, I decided to make it a 10 day trip-third first.  All of these things  are conducive  to a relaxing trip of new experiences.

I struggled putting up my umbrella 

Something about being immersed in the natural world that  just makes you feel relaxed.  I am an early riser by nature so I caught a few  sunrises  and I love to walk on the beach before 9 am when it is peaceful.  When I do this, I am walking the beach with nothing and I mean nothing in my head. I am in “robot mode” but its so relaxing. 

Iowa friends. They drove all the way  from Iowa!
 I was alone for the first few days of my trip and thus  I appreciated the friendships  that  I made.  Have you noticed how everyone seems to be so territorial at the beach, sitting in the same spot each day?  You  see the same people  and invite them into your life by striking up conversations.  It’s like sitting on an airplane, where you  learn so much about a stranger knowing that you will likely never see them again.  Like the guy who saw me struggling with the umbrella each day and then started to help me. Like the sweet women  to my right who convinced me to wait  out a beach rainstorm and then we jumped and gave each other the high-five when the sun came out after our ordeal. Like the teacher that I met on my walk who comes down by herself each year and sits by the same Polish lifeguard who is like her second son. Like the friends I met at the restaurant  when I ate alone who invited me to join them and we had a blast listening to the band. This time I hope to make the effort  to stay in touch with these new found friends-a fourth first.
We waited out the storm together

Going to Myrtle Beach  which is usually a  routine  beach vacation was not only relaxing but developed into a bunch of new experiences. 

I say catch a plane from Pittsburgh or from wherever you are and relax and beach it!

Walked each morning before 9 am

Spiritual Reflection
The seas that he made belongs to him, for he made it. His hands formed the dry land, too. (Psalm 95:5)
Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God, who made the heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, who keeps faith forever. (Psalm 146-5-6)

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