Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 224 - Escape Games, Mirror Maze and Laser Maze –Play like a kid at the Beach (Myrtle Beach)

Legend of Atlantis Escape Game
Often when I am on a beach trip the days consist of  beaching it all day and then going out for dinner. Although there is nothing wrong with that routine this time I decided to try something new- play like a kid with no kid! I found a way to do that at  Broadway at the Beach where you can engage in an escape game, mirror maze, and laser vault  maze.  In my blog inspiration  psychologist Maslow's  theory,  having the ability to be  "child- like" is a characteristic of  a person who is self- actualized or who has reached their personal best,  so  I decided to have a day of  play at the beach.

Mirror maze. I had to ask  a little girl to get me out -it was a good maze
Laser vault,twisting through the lasers is a bit harder on the knees at this age!
At Broadway at the Beach
There is a little something for everyone at Broadway at the Beach (shops, restaurants, nightclubs, rides and games).  The Back Stage Escape Game peaked my interest. I have heard  about  these  games where you have to put your brain to use to solve puzzles in order to  escape out of  a room.  I was a bit pensive about them in the past since I am quite  claustrophobic  but this game, “Legend of Atlantis”,  had an interesting story line and a movie-like set (see rooms).  

My friend and I were put together with a family of 5 to solve the mystery of  the  "Legend of Atlantis”. Our  60 minute mission was to use an explorer's ancient  note book and the props that  we collected along the way  to get to  “The Temple of Poseidon”  and line-up 5 power crystals which would release enough energy to sustain a nation.  Doesn’t  this sound  like a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie ( I love those movies by the way)?

Our team of explorers

What I found amazing is that  you just start to work together with strangers when you have a common goal. Everyone has different strengths and with persistence and by using each others talents (and the voice from above that helps you when you get stuck) you start to solve the puzzle. You feel such a sense of accomplishment when the wall to the room with no door opens into another!
Escape game- stone opens to room

We started in a small entry room but quickly used the clues activating the sliding wall which  opened into  a  hall of portraits. Our team seemed to be stuck in the hall. Then with the  help of the voice, and with leadership of the group's father and I,  we managed to get the brick wall to open into another “temple like room”. We then all scattered and worked on different parts of the puzzle and almost made it out. We were only one step away.  We had the thrill of being explorers just like we used to do as kids-we were part of a pretend story and just played!

I will definitely try an escape experience again and not forget to play like a child sometimes at the beach!

Spiritual Reflection
So in Christ we, through many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us (Romans 12:5-6)

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Back Stage Escape Game