Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 188 Carnegie Museum of Art- Stories You Tell

If you are like me  and love to hear someone telling their story (see Day 146 and  Day 182),  and love experiencing art (see Day 165),  than you will love  the exhibit, “ The Stories You Tell ,” at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  It is a  double dose of art because it combines  the art of story  telling  inspired by the work of art on display.  We  can all share our creative story and be an artist.  

There are cards to write your story to  post on wall next to the art. 

I convinced my girlfriend to venture with me to the Carnegie Museum of Art for something pretty to look at during one of  Pittsburgh's winter gray  rainy days.  We found this exhibit displaying a variety of  art styles, from photos, to recognizable masterpieces, to  modern art (click here to see some of the images).  There were cards with six lines to write your own 6 words about the picture. There were also emoji stickers. My friends know how much I love those emoji things!

I think I enjoyed reading the six word story creations of  others more than the art itself. It’s amazing how creative we all are! Some were funny, silly, political or heartfelt.  I particularly enjoyed the ones from the children which explored how they view the world.  My friend who recently lost her husband wrote, “A piece of me is missing” in response to the image below. 
Friend's story-"A Piece Of Me Is Missing"

Stories can connect strangers and it’s interesting how so many people have the same stories. This blog is  really just my story about trying new things.  Tell your own story or enjoy the  stories of others and be a creative artist  in this exhibit which runs until March 26, 2017.  

Tip: The Carnegie Museum is open until 8 pm on Thursdays. On the third Thursday  of the month they also have different  events from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Spiritual  Source 
The Lord has given them special skills as jewelers, designers, weavers, and embroiders in blue and purple and scarlet yarn on fine linen cloths. They excel in all the crafts needed for the work. (Exodus 36:35)

 Carnegie Museum of  Art