Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 165 Dali Museum/St Petersburg, Florida

Daddy Long Legs Evening Hope

Enjoying art has always been a passion of mine. I have explored this more fully during my empty nest period (Day 14-Absorb Art Degas, and Day 86-Art Institute of Chicago). When I heard that there was a  Salvador Dali   museum in St. Petersburg, I packed up my beach chair and I was on my way. 


 When I think of Dali, like most, his  famous melting watches come to mind. His  paintings are full of symbolism and with  icons  that he paints over and over again to convey messages in his paintings, (i.e. spider=hope, ants=decay, grasshopper =terror ).  The  famous melting watches and cellos  represent his thought that,  “time and music are fluid and you can’t hold on to them.”
Portrait of My Dead Brother
The free tour was excellent and I  am always fascinated to learn about an artist’s life. He was an only child and spoiled to excess.  He was named after his brother who died at age three (3), and his parents treated him as if he was the  reincarnation of his brother. Now that  is  a hard pill for a little guy to swallow.  After years  of psychotherapy, he said that he released the shadow of his brother over his life with his brother's portrait. 
Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean  Sea (Lincoln)
He fell in love with his wife at first sight. They were married after 3 years (she was married when they met) and they were together for life. There is an interesting painting of his wife looking out a window but if you look at it from a distance,  or through your phone, the pixels in the painting turn into the face of  Lincoln. There just is so much to find in his art!
The building is also a work of art with a spiral staircase and windows overlooking the bay in St. Petersburg. This  museum  will stay on my visit list because it's beautiful inside and out, offers great tours, and has a yummy cafĂ©.

TIP: Go on a Thursday. Its open until 8pm and tickets after 5pm are $10.00 and parking is free after 5pm.

Spiritual reflection
I have placed my rainbow in the clouds. It is the sign of my permanent  promise   to you and to all the earth. (Genesis 9:13)

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 Daddy Long Legs Evening Hope
Gala Contemplating