Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 171 PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh/Finding Neverland-imagination

My Blog inspiration book, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book,” reminds us to, “use our imagination.” That is just what playwright,  JW Barrie, did when he embarked on his journey  to create the story, Peter Pan.  The PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh musical, Finding  Neverland, is  about this journey. This is not just a play for children, but is really a play about  tapping into something inside each  of us  that inspires us to imagine, dream,  and be childlike.  

Finding  Neverland reminds us  how magical it is to play with a child or play like a child.  (See Day 51-_Mermaid).  The show is  a continual magical ride with spectacular sets of moving clouds, twinkling stars, London skies, pirate ships and more.  Peter and his brothers, Jack, George, and Michael,  provoked  memories of my  childhood. This was pre x-box and smart phones, (I was born in the 70’s), where I  just imagined being in different places and pretended  to be different people. I was often a teacher or the ruler of my own kingdom.  
The  song "Stars" is about using this  imagination and reminds us that:
We are all made of Stars,
We are all made of Dreams,
No matter who you are,.. you can,
Do what you want, Go where you like, Be who you want to be.
Children vividly see images in the clouds but as we grow older, life makes it a  little harder to  see anything in them. This is what I thought about when  I heard the song, "When Your Feet Don't Touch The Ground," sung to comfort Peter  when his mother passed.  When “life become(s) so complicated and (it's) a world of madness and waves of sadness,”  we can  navigate those bumps in life by finding  our own special fun place or Neverland.

Finding Neverland, is a must see visual, musical experience to remind us to imagine, dream and add a little childlike action to our day.  I say look up at the clouds and imagine.

I am keeping PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh in my empty-nest survival tool box.
Spiritual Reflection
Therefore anyone who becomes as humble as a little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me. (Mathew 18-4,5)
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