Tuesday, October 4, 2016

167 Off Balance-Try a Unicycle

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This blog has  always  been  about  moving forward after  life changes by trying new things. I believe  that  moving forward is a way to find  a  path to being  our personal  best  or as the theorist  Maslow would say, becoming self- actualized. My childhood best  friend  recently  advised  so well,  “Cindy, you can’t really move forward when you’re off balance.” Many things in life can get  you off balance.   As one of my blog inspiration books, Everything I Need to Know About Love, I Learned From A Little Golden Book,  states,  " broken (relationship) ..can leave you flat on your back.”  A few months ago,  an unexpected event put a  hatchet to my relationship, my son went back to college and  a close family member had to fight a serious  illness. So yes, I was a bit off balance but once I found some balance again, moving  forward  is refreshing because of my new perspective, goals, and  chance to start "better".    

Pittsburgh view crossing the Hot Medal Bridge on my bike
 I started  biking several times a week which is  especially enjoyable in the fall since this is the time to enjoy sunny days  that are so  precious in Pittsburgh.  Now you really have to have good balance to try a unicycle. Thick Bikes has a collection of unicycles. In an effort to get people to experience them, they have unicycles available to try at no cost on  Friday nights on the Southside bike path in front of the  Hofbauhus.  Thick Bikes also runs unicycle clinics.
So try a unicycle.  I must say that  it’s a feeling of accomplishment  and freedom to move a few inches on one wheel instead of two. Hmm...one wheel instead of two..not bad, not bad at all!
Spiritual Reflection
Forget the former things: do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing.  (Isaiah 43:18,19)
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