Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 164 Happy 4th of July/Riverhounds- Pittsburgh soccer

I watched the World Cup a few years ago when the US was a contender but I have never been to  a professional or semi- professional soccer game.  I have been trying sports events in this empty nest period (see Day-91 Penguins, Day-95 Steelers, Day 11- Spring Training Baseball). Therefore, on  the  4th of  July, I thought that  going to a  Riverhounds  game  would be a good way to enjoy the holiday  and watch the fireworks since the  stadium is located along the river with a perfect view of the city. 

I learned that Pittsburgh’s  first soccer team, the Beadling, was formed in  1898 by  the coal mining and steel working immigrants. In  1911, the Beadling  became part of the first formal soccer league, the Pittsburgh Press League.  Popular in the 1980’s, I remember hearing about the Pittsburgh Spirit, an indoor soccer team. We now  have the Riverhounds which was  established in l999. (soccer history of Pittsburgh)

I know very little about the game of soccer but luckily my friend used to play in school and was a good guide for the game. I enjoyed the fancy foot work and head bumping of the ball. However, I sat through  (2) two (45) forty-five minute  periods and the score was still  0 to 0!  Like hockey, soccer   is fast paced  and my friend  explained that  these games are not high scoring, but one (1) goal would have amplified the game for me.
The best part was   the location of this beautiful soccer field where the city skyline is  the backdrop to the action. A Riverhounds  game is also a good  family evening that does not break  your piggy bank, (tickets range from $ 13 to $50), and there is not a bad seat in the house. After the game, you can meet the players and get  autographs. We even got a free  Riverhound tee-shirt! I love free stuff.   
Going to see the Riverhounds  was a nice evening out but I am not sure that I am a fan yet. It was a long   wait without a score for either team.  The jury is out until I see some points on the board.
Spiritual Reflection

(The Lord) is patient for your sake.He does not want anyone to perish, so he is giving more time for everyone to repent. 2 Peter 3:9
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