Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day 163 US Open Oakmont Country Club, Pittsburgh

US OPEN at Oakmont Country Club  in 2016

The US Open  is at Oakmont County Club  all week.  It  comes to Oakmont about every  10 years so if I missed it, I would have a long wait to see it again. I had hoped to start golfing more in this empty nest period (see Day 50 -Swinging a Golf Club) but I have not played much.  Real golfers (which does not include me), say that the game requires  skill but that  it’s mostly a game about  confidence and mental control. Thus, you play well one day and play like crap the next but you keep on playing.  There is so much to remember:  how to hold the club, how wide to keep your feet, how to pick the right club,  don’t swing down on the club, shift your weight, and the list goes on and on.  That is why the game is fascinating  to me because to master  it, requires you to put it all together -  it’s like finding your Zen  

Oakmont Club House


As I walked the course I wished that my son was with me to enjoy this because he was part of the golf team in high school and  is the real golfer in the family. Since he is back at Purdue for the summer session, he  only got a shirt and hat. However, for a brief texting moment, I was the cool mom because I was at the US Open!
Golf courses are so beautiful and the skill of the players at this level is just amazing. Even if you’re not a follower of the sport you have to admire the skill and form of these guys.    I enjoy watching the swing that I will likely never have, and the shots that I will likely never make.  I love that “wow” feeling when the ball in one swing, is on the green inches from the hole.
My cheesy picture
I did not remember the great food and fun exhibits when I attended 10 years ago.  They were a great way to cool off, learn about the game,  practice your swing on the simulators, and get souvenir “cheesy” pictures. I love cheesy.  I even took my chances on a hole in one Lexus.
Golf makes me remember that with a lot of practice and work  it is possible to put it all together but even if we can’t, to keep playing and trying.
Spiritual Refection
I did not refrain myself from  joy. I even found great pleasure in hard work, and additional reward for all my labors. (Ecclesiastes  2: 9,10)
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Oakmont Country Club