Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 162 Political Rally/ Hillary Clinton in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh June 14, 2016 Hillary Clinton Rally
I am undecided about my vote for President so when I heard that Hillary Clinton would be in Pittsburgh, I decided to attend my first Presidential Rally in an effort to gather more information. This would be  consistent  with striving for self-actualization, or your personal best. It was ironic that during my first rally  I was interviewed by KDKA news, another first! ( click to view news clip)

Interviewed for KDKA News
I was amazed how many people that it took to put on a rally. As I waited for Ms. Clinton to speak, I asked others why they  were there, some were hard core supporters, and a  gentlemen in his 20’s,  said that he attends many rally’s to “get into the political process.”  That makes sense.

The over all  experience was more calming than I expected. There was no music , signs, or screams and her speech was not all about ,“vote for me and this is why” but about unity  in  light of the recent senseless  tragedy in Orlando. In fact, most of her speech centered on this and on how  diplomacy by understanding is needed, not hate. There was a comparison of Trump’s  response after the Orlando shooting and how they differed but it was done without name calling.  
The speech had an intimate feel even though there were about 700 present.  I appreciated her tone, her effort to find solutions and unity in light of the tragedy.  She ended with a story about the letter George Bush left for Bill Clinton in the Oval Office as the successor of the presidency.  In the letter Bush said, “ You will be president when you read this… Your success is our success.”  (Maybe this was a message to Bernie,  but I think it was a message about working together at some point to heal and  her  podium read "Stronger Together.")

Being part of the political process is a good thing to keep in my empty nest survival tool box. Who knows ,maybe my next stop will be Cleveland!
Spiritual Reflection
Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s  faults because of your love. Always keep yourselves united in the Holy Spirt, and bind yourselves together in peace (Ephesians 4: 3-4)
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