Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 157 The Ultimate Oscars/Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Goofing off at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Heinz Hall 

Enjoying  the Pittsburgh Symphony  Orchestra show, “The Ultimate Oscars,”   was a great way to gear up for the Oscars.   I love the glam of the Oscars  with  its “star power,” movie previews, and red carpet dresses.  The Oscar's larger than life movies have familiar larger than life music themes  written to be  paired with a full  orchestra and the Pittsburgh Symphony POPS featured some of best of these movie themes.

A year ago I discovered  the interesting and diverse shows offered by the Pittsburgh Symphony POPS  (see Day 101 Chris Bottie and Day 142 Sinatra and Beyond).  These shows never seem to disappoint  because you experience the full sound of Pittsburgh’s first class symphony  with a twist such as a guest musician, vocalist, or  with visual effects. "The Ultimate Oscars" featured  the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Student Chorale with the music from "Avitar" The "Lion King", and the " Titanic." There was also a  guest  violinist, Mark Huggins, playing the Theme from Schindler’s List.  
Italian colors brighten the stage for the Waltz from the Godfather
 I have seen most of the movies that gave birth to the show's musical selections. 
However, even if you did not see the movies, most of the music would still be  familiar such as the  Waltz  from the Godfather, theme from Chariots of Fire and   "Flying Theme" from E.T.  Listening, I  enjoyed my own  personal flashbacks to what I loved about these   movies and  where I was when I saw them.  The songs also prompted some reminiscing of the past with my friend of  of over 30 years  who enjoyed the show with me.  These films  are larger than life and perfect for the  bold sound of a symphony orchestra , especially the finale- the Star Wars theme  It was a glam production!
Spiritual Reflection
For the time will come when all the earth will be filled, as the waters fill the sea, with an awareness of the glory of the Lord (Habakku 2:14)
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