Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 110 Pirates Spring Training Baseball

Spring Training Game- Pirates vs Orioles
Pittsburgh is a sports town and  although I usually am  not a big sports fan (see Day 95),  I love going to  baseball games because they  remind me that summer  is on it’s way. I   especially  enjoy  the nostalgia of a baseball game. I have  many childhood  memories  of going to the game and  memories of taking my son to  every Pirate home opener .  Today   is a  winning  Pirate’s Home Opener day! Thinking about those days, I decided to share my recent first  experience - going to a spring training  game in Sarasota, Florida. 

The spring training experience is a way to see your team up close and personal. The stadium  had a feel  of  what I think watching a baseball game would have been like  “back in the day” at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.   This spring training game was simple ball without a lot of frills.  It was exciting to see  new players and watch the scouts  aim their  speed guns at the pitchers and scribble down  notes. It reminded me of  the movie Trouble With The Curve (2012), where Clint Eastwood, a retiring scout, made his last recurring trip. 

Orioles Stadium in Sarasota Florida

I wonder how many of that  nights  line up played today and helped to bring home a win for the Pirates!  This new experience made me more of a  fan. I can’t wait to go to the Pirate games which means something good is coming-“summer fun and hotdogs!”

Spiritual Reflection
"He is a voice shouting in the wilderness;
Prepare a pathway for the Lord's coming!
  Make a straight road for him!
(Luke 3:4)
John the Baptist preaches get ready-something wonderful is coming. 

Other Sources: 
Trouble with the Curve