Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 80 Overcame the Steps-Fineview Step-a-thon

19th annual Step-a-thon Oct 18, 2014

Life is one step at a time and boy, what a good view you have when you reach the top!

The thought of trying the Finview Step-a-Thon which is a 5mile run/walk careening up and down 14 different city steps and hills  started in September (see Day 52 ) .  At first  I thought that this race would be as much fun as sticking a needing in my  eye because I am not in that great  of shape but after a month of exploring Fineview and making it a personal challenge, I was excited when the race day finally arrived. 
This race gave me a reason to explore an area of Pittsburgh that I knew nothing about.  Since I did not want to have a coronary, my cousin and I  walked the steps  weekly the month before the race, passing familiar streets, making friends, and realizing that this place was a little “gem in the rough” with a fantastic view (See Day 53). (I must admit that my cousin who is in great shape, joined me as my supporter since he could have  easily tackled this race without any preparation. Thus we laughed our way though most of our “training” walks).  A resident that we met  talked about Fineview this way, “people come up here for only three  reasons: 1) they live here, 2) they are visiting someone that lives here or 3) they are lost.”   

The Step-a-Thon is a festive  race were some just want to  tackle  the  steps to have a good reason to hit the bar afterwards in celebration.  We joined a crew  of walkers who where jockeying  to be the last to finish. These  “end walkers” were a group with the right lighthearted attitude. Crossing the finish line, I broke out into a rendition of the  Rocky song and our excitement to others may have seemed misplaced since we all were  within seconds to being last.  We did not care because we all had overcome the burn in our thighs and finished! For me, finishing was confirmation that I could complete any journey. Maslow would have been proud of me and I am ready for round two  next year!  
Happy Face -We did it

Spiritual Reflections
The end is often the beginning.

Then I saw a new heaven and new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had disappeared. (Revelation 21:1)

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