Friday, August 1, 2014

Day 31 Randy Land-Overcomer

(On this first week of spring 2017, I thought that  I would re-post a post from 2014. It's a look back  at Randy Land and  the blog beginnings- new beginnings- Happy Spring! )

I did it! I reached a month of trying new things! Overcomer dance (listen while you read).
Part of Randy's Garden at Randy Land
It’s a celebration when you accomplish what you set out to do. What better way to end this blog month than with a visit to Randy Land which is an explosive burst of color and uniqueness.  I can’t explain it you just got to go there.  The best part  of  the visit was  Randy’s electric energy.  In Randy’s world, “Plant yourself and you will  grow many directions… you do not have to be one way, try new things, develop new things, be new things and you will help yourself and help others.”

31 Day Summary- More to come!
NEW Places
NEW Relationships
NEW Activities
NEW Things
Bicycle Heaven
Day 4
Visit family  
Day 12
Start a Blog
Day 1
Air Plant
Day 6
War Memorial
Day 5
Hang out
Day 22
Drive an automatic car  
Day 2
Goat Soap
Day 9
Tattoo Place
Day 7
Friends at Deep Creek
Day 24, 25, 26
Make a jello cake
Day 3
Van Ride
Day 8
Frick Museum with tour
Day 14
Support A Friend
Day 26
Drive a Volt or Tesla
 Day 11
Yuengling Ice Cream
Day 10
James street Jazz
Day 15
Cousin fest
Day 29, 30
Go Kayaking
Day 13
Paradoxical shopping  Day20
Vintage Grand Prix
Day 19
Randy at Randy Land
Day 31 
Play Croquet
Day 16
Tailored exercise
Day 21
Lake Deep Creek
Day 24,25,26
Do Nothing
 Day 17
Teen Drives for you
Day 24
Randy Land
Day 31
Swing Dance
Day 18
Serve as an RV Park
Day 29
Belly Dance
Day 23

Randy and I are on our way to Self-Actualization and we are all overcomers.

Spiritual Reflections

For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need. Phillippians 4:13
Other Sources
Randy Land, 1501 Arch St, Pgh PA 15212