Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 11 Volt or Tesla

(Please see  Day 1  -"Why this blog" if this is your first time visit )

In my effort to explore new experiences, today I drove an electric car.  It seems like an altruistic move  to go electric and save the environment, even if I am on the fence on the existence of global warming. I also explored the king of electric cars -the Tesla.

Both seemed futuristic to me, and after pushing a button to start, the dashboards light up like a rocket ship. What was most striking about my Volt drive was that it was such a peaceful ride. There was  no engine sound and  the stereo  music sounded fantastic with no background sound interference.  It was like being in a sound proof booth with music. The cars are really quiet and have no gears for acceleration noise. The ride is really conducive to daydreaming.
Volt                                                                                       Tesla

Little Golden Books recommend that we “Day dream” and I could see riding this car on a beautiful day like today  with puffy white clouds listening to my music.

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