Sunday, December 30, 2018

Day 316-Elf the Musical-Sing Out Loud for All to Hear

It’s a tradition in our house to watch the movie Elf  every Holiday Season. The musical, based on the comedic movie, tells the story of Buddy who was raised by Santa  after he slipped into Santa’s bag one Christmas Eve. Buddy towers over Santa’s elves and does not have the knack for building toys; but Buddy is full of Christmas spirit. He ventures to NYC in search of his real dad, finds love and spreads his infectious cheer throughout the city.

According to my blog inspiration psychologist  Maslow, remaining “child-like” in life is a characteristic of a person who strives to reach their personal best or reach self -actualization.  Elf is a grown-up that has the Christmas wonder and excitement of a child all rolled together. The musical differs in some ways from the movie but still has the element of Buddy’s infectious holiday cheer. 

The show opened with Santa’s elfs singing that Buddy is  “Happy All Time”. Santa (not Papa Elf like in the move) narrated the tale of  Buddy, who wearing his green suit, navigates through  NYC searching for his real dad.

Elf , with some adult humor and a brightly colored set that resembled pages from a story book, kept  both adults and children entertained. The story is so appealing because it is about someone who is always smiling, whose food staple is candy and who loves to sing. Buddy   even accomplishes to get cynical New Yorkers to believe in Santa again. In many ways Buddy amplifies and does what we wish we could all do-navigate through life always seeing it as "half full."

As a lover of the movie, I was skeptical about any actor other then Will Ferrell playing this character.  Eric Williams was  terrific. He had the right tall and lanky stature and wide eyed child- like expressions. He gave us  just  the right amount of “kid and adult” to make the character as lovable as a teddy bear. Williams’ strong vocals and dancing abilities anchored the show with his adorable half- brother, Michael (Grady Miranda) and his love interest ,Jovie (Paloma D’Auria) who belted “Never Fall in Love (with an Elf)”.

My face was sore from smiling. My mother did not see the movie Elf did the same.
The charm  of this show is an upbeat Buddy who reminds us all to tap into our child -like nature,  get excited about Christmas and spread cheer by “singing loud for all to hear”.  

(Elf runs from December 26 to 30, 2018 at Heinz Hall.For tickets and more on PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh go to

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