Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Day 315- A Magical Cirque Christmas- Gracefully Sparkled and Amazed- Kindling the Spirit of Christmas

A Magical Cirque Christmas, from the producers of the Broadway hit The Illusionistrecently brought their new holiday spectacular  to Pittsburgh. Performers from around the world showcased their talents in this modern circus that was accompanied by live holiday music. This show kindled the spirit and excitement of Christmas with amazing acts,  acrobatic beauty, comedy and illusions. It was a night that sparkled and amazed.

I have experienced a modern circus before (see Day 300) but this one was unique because it  emulated the beauty  of a ballet combined with the daring acts. The emcee, comedian/magician Paul Dabek, injected punches of humor giving the show a Las Vegas flair.  Dabek was a hysterical host and throughout the show he kept an intimate connection with the  audience.

Opening the show, Dabek  used comedic wit and some adult innuendos as he performed magic assisted by two adorable children picked from the audience. The picturesque first act  was both graceful and suspenseful as a woman in a circular solo trapeze glided through the air  hanging at times by only one arm or by her feet.  

The show was packed with spellbinding acts yet continued to have the ambiance of  something beautiful like a first winter snow or a star filled night. Ukrainian born Alex Olskesy balanced on a board over cylinders elevating higher and higher as we all held our breath. Sarah Togni, from Italy, memorized in a striped dress that flowed like a wave during her acrobatic twirling inside a wheel to the melody of  The Nutcracker Suite. There was speed juggling by Roberto Carlos  from Mexico and an Ethiopian team where one member  foot juggled his partner in continuous  somersaults for more than  20 rotations.  

Between acts we got either comic relief or live music. Angelic melodies of Christmas favorites like Oh ’Holly Night and Silent Night were performed by a Marilyn Monroe look alike. There was also a talented  guitar playing counterpart in the show.

One ring center acts
The highlight was the  husband and wife team (Tyce and Mary Nielsen),  Duo Transcend, who were  finalist on the television show “America’s Got Talent”. They  captivated the audience with their death-defying trapeze and roller skating acts. At the end of the first half, they  preformed a  hypnotic trapeze act that was sensual and athletic. A  blindfolded  Tyce flipped Mary catching her by her feet inches from the ground.  They ended the show circling on roller-skates as Mary was flipped in acrobatic poses. We all held our breath as she spun inches from the ground and latter by  only her neck. As the audience burst into applause, my son turned to me and said, “did that just happen?”

The sleight of hand magic by Sebastian Nicolas was lost in the large theater but during the finale, when his magic was projected on the big screen, his skill brought the audience to their feet.  

A Magical Cirque Christmas  kindled the Christmas spirit with a picturesque holiday presentation of a modern circus.  It was a night that sparkled and amazed, rolling together all the merriment of the season into one spellbinding show.  

(Go to  trustarts.org  for more unique shows  sponsored by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.  For A Magical Cirque Christmas tour schedule go here. )

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