Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 230 Pittsburgh CLO-Mamma Mia- a frolic, a vacation

My blog inspiration book “Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book"
 reminds us to “frolic” and  a frolic is a good way to describe the musical, “Mamma Mia.” It’s a show based on the songs from the popular 1974 ABBA album with the same title. This show  moves with cheerfulness and excited energy from the beginning to the end. You  can’t help but relax and enjoy it like a mini vacation as you sing along with  the familiar  pop/dance album  hits "Dancing Queen”, "Knowing Me Knowing You”, "Money, Money, Money”, “Super Trouper”, SOS”, "Voulez-Vous”, “Thank you for the Music”, “Winner Takes it All” and of course the title track, “Mamma Mia”.    

There is a good reason that Mamma Mia had a 15 year run on Broadway closing in 2015. It's not a cerebral play but aims to just make you feel good as you enjoy the  music. The plot is light and simple.  In fact, a woman that I met after the show described it as a “vacation musical”.

Rosie, Donna and Tanya 

 Donna (Sally Ann Triplett) is a single mom whose three past lovers  travel  to a Greek Island for her daughter, Sophie’s (Erika Henningsen) wedding.  Sophie secretly invited them because she wanted to  find out  her father's identity so that he could walk her down the aisle.  

 Donna’s two best friends also join the celebration. Tanya (Michelle Dawson) is a wealthy three time divorcee  and  Rosie (Lori Hammel) is single and independent.  The three friends reminisce about their wilder days and past participation in an all girl singing group.

When Donna encounters all three ex-lovers, Sam (Matt Bogart) the architect, Harry (Rick Negron) a British banker, and Bill (Christian Whelan) a writer, she sings, “mamma mia, hear we go again… my my, how can I resist ya..mamma mia, does it show again…just how much I missed ya..”      

Sophie never  finds out who is her biological  father (because it could be any of the three men) but it really does not matter because this show is a party that revolves around the music. You’re on vacation, singing along, and getting up and dancing during the finale  when the company returns for a reprise of “Mamma Mia”. 

This audience was  on their feet as the finale continued with  “Dancing Queen ” with Donna, Tanya, and Rosie performing  in ABBA costumes and then  the song “Waterloo”  where  Sam, Bill, and Harry joined in  with matching ABBA like garb. It’s a summer folic-it's a vacation!

(Don't miss the fun with the Pittsburgh CLO production of  Mamma Mia that runs until August 6th at the Benadum Center for the Arts. Watch it at )

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