Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 215 Jim Krenn-Try Pittsburgh Comedy-Oaks Theater

I have not been to many comedy shows because usually comedians don’t make me laugh.  I have never been one to laugh during off color jokes or ones about being impaired which seem  to be the subjects of most comedic  shows.  I am usually the girl in the audience that the comedian points to and states, “This joke will even make that girl laugh”.  Since I am a native Pittsburgher, I ventured to the Oaks Theater to see if local comedian, Jim Krenn, known for his Pittsburgh humor, would be able to “crack me up”!

I discovered the Oaks Theater a few months ago (see Day 195).  It's a revamped movie theater with a smaller venue to see shows and the concession stand is now a full bar that offers  real food like a variety of flat breads. Located in Oakmont, it’s a quick ride from the city for affordable fun (see schedule).  

If you’re from Pittsburgh or have lived here long enough, you know that we enjoy laughing at ourselves and especially laughing about our Pittsburgh slang (Pittsburghese) and unique foods (pierogies).  Jim Krenn, for over 24 years, was the host of the cities morning show on 102.5 WDVE FM and another morning show on Q 92.9 FM. He had a barrage of impersonations and of course, like most morning radio show hosts, his own set of characters (Stanly P. Kachowski).

Krenn opened with his impersonation of Trump but what comedian doesn’t these days. He added some Reagan and a little Clinton.  He brought back some characters used  in his radio show like our past mayor, Sophie Masloff, and the yinzer character Stanley P. I enjoyed that he elicited laughs with clean comedy, not to mention that the crowd just seemed to love him. He must have a following. What Krenn does best is connect us to our  Pittsburgh memories and as we remember them, we  just  “crack up.”

 Spiritual Reflection
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting (Job 8:21)

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