Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 195 Oaks Theater- John McIntire's Dangerously Live Comedy Talk Show

(John McIntire's Dangerously Live Comedy Talk show is coming back  to the Oaks on  June 24, 2017 with a new panel)

As a kid, I always loved talk shows like the “Johnny Carson Show," which is now "Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel." On occasion  I enjoy the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Therefore, when I heard about a comedy/talk show with some locals: the Mayor, Bill Peduto; Pirate's announcer,
Greg  Brown; and WQED’s, Rick Sebak, I thought that I would venture to a new place, the Oak Theater, and see what it was all about.

The “Host” was John McIntire, who I knew nothing about but apparently he has 8pm to 11pm  night KDKA talk show.  His monologue was witty and I have to admire local comedy that address “Pittsburgh  life" making us laugh at ourselves.  I loved that he addressed the  Pittsburgh bike lanes which seem to be  the “bane of many city dwellers and drivers existence.”  This is especially  humorous when the Mayor is present! John had that “insult everyone"  kind of comedy  that brought Don Rickles to mind. (I know that I am now showing my age).

Mayor and John McIntire

You have to expect some political humor with this type of show.
The Mayor got a little political in favor of  his agenda but he did so with good humor. Greg Brown, played the conservative, and what I enjoyed most was his funny  broadcasting stories.  As always, Rick Sebak, the jolly good humored guy that everyone loves to love, did what he does best –told  local stories taking the middle road.

Rick Sebak  
It was an interesting night of comedy with an injection of some political satire. You never know what is going to happen with a panel and that is what makes if fun. Sometimes laughter (like political cartoons) can be a positive outlet when there are political differences. 

The  Oaks Theater, located in Oakmont, was a new  gem to discover. I loved how they updated this small old movie theater for   shows. They added tables, there was an impressive spread of food and full bar. I would definitely try another show there. 

Spiritual Reference
Pray this way for kings and all others who are in authority, so that we can live in peace and quietness, in godliness and dignity. (1 Timothy 2:2)

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