Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 183 Cirque Dreams Holidaze Journey

My blog inspiration book, Little Golden Books, reminds us that, “Christmas is a time to go all out.” That is just what Cirque Dreams Holidaze is all about-going all out and celebrating  everything  “Holidaze.”  I thought that after Christmas day, this show would keep the energy going.  It did that with  jazzed up variety and circus acts plus a lot of  glitz.  


My mother and I enjoy the acrobatic type  acts on the TV show  America’s Got Talent. Cirque incorporates some of the same talent.  There were contortionists, spinning girls, performers in the air, jump ropes tricks and juggling. One of my favorites from the TV  show was the balancing performer.  He  teetered  on cylinders and balls at amazing heights. During this act, you hold your breath and get that tingle of fright as you wonder, “is he really doing that or will he  fall?” Then there is sigh of relief when he accomplishes his death- deifying feat.    

This show also sparkles with elaborate costumes and a  larger than life set. There was a 30 foot tree and floor to ceiling toy solders.  There seemed to always be something moving  that dazzled on the stage. Cirque had a little singing, a little laughing, a little dancing and a not stop variety of  mini acts. It’s a great way to enjoy a family night out.

(Show runs at the Benadum  Dec  30th 2pm and 8pm. See the web site for other cities)
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