Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 141 Phipps Party in the Tropics

Phipps Conservatory   is mysterious and beautiful at night ( see Day 138 ) and  I recently explored a  public evening   event  where you could enjoy  the beauty, eat, drink, and dance. My blog inspiration book, Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book  reminds us to “Dress up and go dancing…”  and that  is just what I did  at the Party in the Tropics at the Phipps Conservatory.

In the tropical garden with its lush greenery, giant leaves, stream, and waterfall you could forget that you were in Pittsburgh as you mingled with friends, made new friends, tried some hummus, and danced. I am not sure if it was the Beetlejuice (Green Tea, Capatain Morgan and Peach Schnapps), or just the crowd but there was a lot of dancing going on. The vibe in the room was lighthearted and even though the crowd was weighted more on the younger side, everyone seemed to  mix well on and off the dance floor.

The entire Conservatory was open so you could also take a stroll and explore it too!  Phipps at night  could be romantic with the right person or  adventurous with friends.

Something about dancing and music just brings people together. You just can’t be grumpy when you are  dancing. I met a  group of women who were almost more chatty than me(if that is even possible) and my  cousin and I  joined  their dance party. We all  made a date to meet up at the next Party in the Tropics on November 6th.

Mark your calendar  to  join us for a the next tropical party getaway in Pittsburgh on November 6th

Trying an unexpected venue  to go dancing  is definitely going to stay in my empty-nest tool box!

Spiritual Reflection
Praise his name with dancing,
  accompanied by tambourine and harp.
For the Lord delights in his people;
  he crowns the humble with salvation.
(Psalms 149:3,4)

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