Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 119 Luminari-Inspiring Others

Having a vision and seeing it through are definitely in line with Maslow's theory  of reaching the pinnacle of self development or self-actualization. My friend, Hilda Pang Fu, started a non-profit called Luminari with the idea of making Pittsburgh a better place by fostering “activities that broaden minds, inspire innovation, and promote community engagement.” Wow what a creative altruistic vision, girlfriend!  Today’s new experience, was to witness  the results of one of the  Luminari’s teen camps by attending the closing ceremonies  of  the camp -I want to be an Ambassador.

I witnessed a vision (Luminari’s vision) giving  birth to a youth camp that produced such inspiring results in teens.  This camp encompassed  an  introduction of different languages and writing systems, foods, religions,
public speaking, conflict resolution, negotiation and visits to the mayor’s office and in DC, The Greek Embassy, US Delegation of European Union and US Department of State. 
"I want to be an Ambassador" campers

I listened to thirteen (13) students from eight (8) different Pittsburgh schools, and from at least seven (7) different ethnic backgrounds, give short summaries of what the camp meant to them.  How about that for diversity and their perspective on the camp was equally  as different!  As diverse as they were I heard a recurrent typical  teen theme, “am I going to fit in and make friends”  but I heard an even better recurrent  story  of finding acceptance, friendship, multicultural enrichment and self-confidence. 

Wow, every kid should go to this camp or for that matter, how about adults-sign me up! One 14 year old girl said it best, “ I learned to look at changing situations differently and not give up- just find a way through it or to solve it.”  

Hilda, you sure have something great here with this non-profit, Luminari  (an Italian word for being an expert in a field).  Luminari also offers two other teen camps: Camp Delicious and Teen Writer and who know what’s next! 

Gina Catanzarite, Camp Director &  Hilda Pang Fu, President
Spiritual reflection
Deceit fills hearts that are plotting evil ; joy fills hearts that are planning peace! Proverbs 13:20

Other  Sources:
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