Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 95 Going to a Steelers Game

AFC North Division Champs

As I said in Day 92, it’s almost a sin to live in Pittsburgh  and not be a sports fan and it’s a “mortal sin” if you don’t root for the Steelers especially when they are doing well!  I  have to admit that I watch the football games but I usually watch from the comfort of my comfy  couch and I am usually multitasking  during the game (i.e., bake, write, read, on the treadmill or I even clean on the commercials).  Taking four (4) hours of my  time  to watch a football game is unusual for this girl. When I was offered tickets for the division game, I  had to push myself to journey to the cold stadium and experience the game with the “real fans”, even though  I am always desperate to find ways to  spend time with my son who is home from college!
At first my repetitive thought was  regret that I was going to  sit in the stadium and freeze when I could be feeling toasty at home.  However,  I have to admit that with the right snow garb it was a blast and a great memory with my son.  It’s even better when you win! Your all one happy group bonded together for the win. You’re  jumping up and down, giving high fives to your friends and strangers and swinging the terrible towel.  That terrible towel

waving experience is so much more  fun at the game. Waving it in front of the TV just does not cut it. You  actually feel that waving that towel is going to do some magical thing to make the team do better.  It’s crazy fun!

I guess I am morphing into  a real sports fan. When  people I care about enjoy sports so much, their elation is a catalyst for my interest. Now let’s beat the Baltimore Ravens  on Saturday.

Spiritual Reflection
We who believe are carefully joined together, becoming a holy temple for the Lord.  (Ephesians 2:22)