Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 89 Oh Christmas Tree

Everything I Need to Know about Christmas I learned From a Little Golden Book starts out, “Christmas is coming! ..Yikes! …there’s just  so much to do.”   So even with my  cracked rib I managed to get the tree up and decorated over Thanksgiving weekend. 

Growing up our family had the infamous hodgepodge tree with silver tinsel  but I  longed for a perfect looking department store Christmas tree.  So when I left the my childhood humble abode, I strived for a lookalike. Even though I  never  quite made it,  I attempted a department store tree clone  every year and tried a different yearly theme. This year  it’s “white, gold, angels,  and crystal  stuff.”  I love sitting in my Buddha position writing on my computer  with the glow of the tree  lights and remembering the significance  of every  ornament.  It brings a peace.  

Then I hear  a CRASH, bang, and snap and down goes the tree.  Now I have a themed leaning  tree.  Well,  “Christmas is coming and there is so much to do”  and it is even worse when you have to do it twice! So much for perfection but a  good  lesson  -try not to be so precise and try to be comfortable with  imperfection. 

Spiritual Reflection
Even perfection has its limits, but your commands have no limit (Psalm 119:96)
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