Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 85 Happy Thanksgiving/Chicago finest food

If you're tired of turkey then your might enjoy thinking about Chicago ‘s finest foods.  

I wanted to try everything Chicago  and this girl loves to eat so I was ready to  indulge in Chicago's finest foods. My first  stop- Deep Dish Pizza at Bella Bacino.  Chicago invented the stuff  and it sure was not like the pizza from the chain restaurant UNO.  It was over an inch thick and stuffed with spinach and cheese-yum.  One slice filled me up but I had two anyway and one more for breakfast the next day!

Next stop, the famous Chicago hot dog at Max's Take Out.  This was my  all time favorite  and I am craving it now writing about it. The basic Chicago hot dog starts with a steamed, all beef frank topped with mustard, onion, relish, and pickle, in a  steamed poppyseed bun. Mine like many,  also  added tomatoes,  and peppers, some even have  lettuce and cucumber.  I learned that a  Chicago-style hot dog NEVER comes with ketchup!  I got to make this at home-yum again!
Hot sauces Heaven on Seven
Then some Cajun cuisine at  Heaven on Seven I love hot sauce and so I tried at least 10 of them using a spoon of gumbo for each.  Loved it-triple Yum!
Cajun cuisine/Gumbo
Finally, oysters at Shaw's Crab House.  It was fun to try 5 different kinds of oysters. I never did that before because most places just have one kind on the menu. Of course I also had more gumbo. This was the best- quadruple yum!

If this blog does not make you hungry you must be dead!
Spiritual Reflection
And God said,"Look! I have given you seed-bearing plants through the earth and all the fruit trees for your food. (Genesis 2:29)

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