Monday, August 4, 2014

Day 34- Lawn Bowling

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As an Italian, we grew up with bocce ball but I never heard of Lawn Bowling. I found out that it’s an English sport from the  13 century and you can try it for free on Thursday nights near the  north end of Frick Park (on Reynolds Street) with the local lawn bowling  club 
I have always been a gutter ball bowler  and I used my young son as an excuse to have the bumpers put up when bowling- at least then I scored. Lawn bowling  is my kind of game because the balls always curve and that seems to be good for my brain.  The balls unlike bocce are not round but are  smashed balls and they are weighted to curve depending on the way you hold the side with the big circle.  The goal is get your balls closest to the little white ball or the "jack". Each player gets 4 balls. I am sure  that Ed who  helped me, would say that  I am not describing it correctly so here is a video.  
It was a perfect cool night for being outside and bowling. The patrons ranged in age from 11 to 80's

Ed and the Winners
Even with the curve factor however my team did not win but it was a lot of fun. Maybe next time.

Spiritual  Reflection 
God arms me with the strength;
   he has made my way safe...
You have made made a wide path for my feet
   to Keep them form slipping (Psalm 18:32 and 36)

God stands with us, strengthens us and makes a path for us  in our challenges.

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