Thursday, May 31, 2018

Day 285-Perfect Wedding -Finding Love in Confusion-CLO Cabaret

On the day that many were  glued to the TV to watch the royal “perfect  wedding” between  Prince Henry and Meghan Markle, I ventured to a hilarious “not so perfect wedding” at the CLO Cabaret  In  Perfect Wedding  the groom wakes up next to a stranger on the day of his nuptials and he has no idea who she is!  A Perfect Wedding is a romantic comedy where whatever could go wrong does go wrong but it spite of it all, everyone finds love.              

Very few of us can say that everything “ran like clock work” on their wedding day. I remember that on my big day, we forgot to pick up the church flowers.

Michael Greer and Julia Geisler
 In this comedy, the groom’s  pre-wedding libations gives rise to his morning after amnesia. This plot reminded me of one of my favorite  movies, “The Hangover", where 3 friends wake up from a bachelor party with no memory about the prior night and the groom is missing. In that movie similar to this play, the  confusion about the  past evening events heighten the humor.

In Perfect Wedding  the laughs start with the groom’s (Michael Greer)  reaction to  finding a  beautiful stranger, Judy (Julia Geisler), in his bed.  He latter learns that she is his best man’s (Tim McGeever) girlfriend.  The laughs keep coming as the tangled web grows even wider  as the characters attempt “to fix the mess” and keep the bride (Hope Anthony) happy on her wedding day.  

Michael Greer (Groom), Julianne Avolio (Maid)  and Tim McGeever (Best Man)

Then enters the hotel maid (Julianne Avolio), who is used as a pawn in the groom’s and best man’s scheme to keep the secret.  Avolio’s  animated character gives us continued  punches of laughter  in this Abbott and Costello's  Who’s On First  like comedy moment. Of course the  mother of the bride (Christine Laitta) adds to the confusion. All of these animated characters hold  their own in this production which also gives us doses of hilarious  physical comedy action.

Julianne Avolio (Mother), Hope Anthony (Bride) and Tim McGeeever (Best Man)

A Perfect Wedding is non stop laughter and good clean fun with a happily ever after ending. This show reminds us that even though we all desire to have that perfect wedding to match our desire for a  perfect love, a not so perfect wedding or even a not so perfect  life, can still end blissfully!

Perfect Wedding at the  CLO Cabaret  runs from May 10-August 12, 2018. For tickets go to or

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