Thursday, November 9, 2017

Day 244 The NEW Arcade Comedy Theater –Improv, humors spontaneity

New Arcade Comedy Theater, Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh
Bringing  humor and laughter to Pittsburgh  is a great way to circumvent some of the unpleasant current events in the news lately and to combat the impending shortened daylight this time of year. Arcade Comedy Theater  is a new comedy venue with a non-profit mission to, “elevate and advance the art of comedy” and  “present fun accessible and affordable live comedy to Pittsburgh every weekend”.  I was  ready to experience some  spontaneous  humor   through the art of improvisational comedy during the  Grand Opening of the New Arcade Comedy Theater!

I am amazed  that  groups of individuals just make stories happen  without a script. In improvisational  comedy, there is constant  subject change which  produces humorous  evolving  situations. This certainly is in line with my  blog inspiration psychologist, Maslow's theory, of self-actualization where a  person  is always “becoming” and does not remain static as they strive for their personal best!

Arcade  has two theaters  to entertain (both for stand-up and improv shows) and a lounge with video games. You can also bring your own wine or beer to the show. The BYOB is  a bonus for this girl that enjoys not having to pay for over  priced  drinks with a 2 drink minimum like in most comedy clubs.

Opening night had  a lot of amplified energy  where everyone was just ready to experience it all. The audience responded with  continued bursts of laughter.  We saw three teams of improv comedians: Warp Zone (who entertain monthly at the theater),  Change Machine, and Friday Night Improv with special guest John Daily from Zoolander 2 and the Kroll Show.

Part of the  fun is  the inventive manner in which the   prompts from the audience are  incorporated into the script. This night,  Warp Zone cleverly added the audience’s word , “soup” into a whimsical story.

Friday Night Improv 

The humor stemmed from the groups  quick wit  and not just from a punchline. Change Machine, did this well as they  switched  the trajectory of the comic movement  when each actor said the word “freeze” and changed the subject.     

One of my favorite teams was Friday Night Improv with John Daily whose  stand  alone expressions produced laughter .The physicality of Daily’s comedy added humor just like one of my favorite comedians, Sebastian Maniscalo (see Day 216).  I particularly enjoyed their  Siskel and Ebert parody where the audience invented 3 film titles and then the team acted out movie scenes. 

Met this comedian and actor who both took classes at Arcade
Arcade Comedy Theater pulsed with energy and I would definitely  try it again. I like the fact that each show is unique-"like a box of chocolate", you never know what you will get with improv. 

Arcade also offers classes that have birthed several teams now preforming.  Maybe I should try a class and see if I have the ability to be  spontaneous  and produce laughter without a script!

(Check the schedule of events  to experience some life levity at the new Arcade Comedy  Theater)

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A glad heart makes a happy face; a broken heart crushes the spirit. (Proverbs 15:13)

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