Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 241 Pittsburgh Broadway Series Opens with "School of Rock" - Powerhouse Kids-A Voice

The Pittsburgh Broadway 2017-18 season opened with "School of Rock”, the musical, with music by Andrew  Lloyd Weber. The play is based on the 2003 movie with the same name.  If you like kids then you will love this lighthearted play because the best part of the show is experiencing the kids' powerhouse musical talent as they perform rock n roll live. 

School of Rock is about a die-hard  struggling rocker, Dewey (Rob Colletti),  who after getting kicked out of his band impersonates his friend, Ned (Matt Bitter),  in order to land a job as a substitute  teacher  in a prestigious  prep school.  Dewey  has little interest in teaching until he witnesses  the students’  musical talent. He introduces them to his passion, rock music, and forms a  band of  5th graders to compete in the  Battle of the Bands.

The young cast in this show have a powerhouse of  musical talent. I got goose bumps when  Zack (Pheonix  Schuman) played a riff on the guitar, Katie (Theodora Silverman)  plucked the base, Lawrence (Theo Mitchell-Penner) played a run on the key boards and Freddy (Gilberto Moretti-Hamilton) pounded the drums.

In the School of Rock  we see the transformation  of anxious  kids stemming  from parental  pressure  to achieve high academic performance,  to ones  that gain confidence  as  part of a band.  These kids expressed that they just  wanted their parents to hear them as they sang, “If Only You Would Listen”.  We  join in their excitement as they  developed  a feeling of belonging  when Dewey made them all part of the band  in, “Your In the Band” (watch here).

Dewey  taught his band that the spirit of  Rock n Roll is to , "Stick it to the Man”. He encouraged them to use the energy  produced from things that made them angry. The students  rattled off what made them  angry such as  “parents that don’t pay attention to them” or  "being over scheduled”.  We all know children that might say the same thing (maybe even our own)!

The show is humorous, fun, and energetic. It reminds us that "Rock n Roll is not about being perfect" but about self expression or having a  voice.  

(School of Rock  that runs until Oct 22nd was  a great kick off to a PNC Broadway Series. I will continue to keep the Broadway series in my  survival tool box. The next  show, Color Purple  runs from November  14th to  November 19th).              `

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