Sunday, December 18, 2016

Day 179 Michael W. Smith with Jordan Smith Christmas Tour- Christmas Giving

Mom and I before the show 

Listening to the sounds of Christmas  is a good way to get “into the spirit.”  It’s even better  when  you go a concert which celebrates Christmas and does not try to focus on a generic “Holiday Season.”  That is what  you get with the Michael W. Smith  Christmas tour. My Blog inspiration book,  Everything I Need to Know about (Christmas), I Learned From A Little Golden Book,  reminds  us that Christmas is, “ a time for giving the very best of yourself.”  Giving your best,  felt like the spirit of  this concert.

I  always thought of Michael W. Smith as a contemporary Christian artist. In fact, I saw  him about a year ago in Pittsburgh with the Charlie Daniels Band at The Festival of Hope (see Day 49) .  However, he is also  a composer and an accomplished pianist. He infused several instrumental pieces and  even a John Williams classic instrumental  into the show.
 full Orchestra 

He was accompanied by a full orchestra and opened the show with  some “old Christmas standards.”  
The room exploded when  his guest, Jordan Smith,  sang,  All Is Well. Jordan, who was the winner of the Voice, has a pure tone with a powerful  operatic  upper range.  There was also a little sing along and  the audience almost started dancing when Michael W. Smith sang, Skys Spills Over.

Michael W. Smith

What I enjoyed most was Jordan and Michael's reminder that Christmas is about giving love, kindness, and friendship.  Jordan explained that, “ the presents are really just a symbol of the giving  of ones heart.” This is a great tone to set  as we hustle and rush to get things done this last week before the big day. Focusing on the giving of ourselves to those who need us, (family, friends or strangers), is really what makes this season so special.  Michael W. Smith’s rendition of, Welcome to Our World,  reminds us to slow down, reflect on our relationships, and give some love  to those  who need it. 

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Spiritual Reflection     
The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.
( Mark 12:31)

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