Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 92 Pittsburgh Penguins

Growing up in Pittsburgh,  it is sacrilegious  to not be part of the  sports  culture, with our Steelers, Pirates and Penguins teams but I have to admit that I was never much of  a sports fan. Yikes I said it!     I guess that’s ok because according to Maslow's theory , a characteristic  of a self-actualizer  is "resistance to  enculturation, but not being purposely unconventional."    Therefore I am willing to try to be more of a sports fan  and  I have recently  learned more about sports by accepting the invitation to attended some Penguin games.  


Sports seem to be  a major part of the Pittsburgh culture or the American culture for that matter-think of the money spent on games and sports garb. (People were buying $188  Penguin jerseys off the shelf!) Being present at the game,  you have a feeling of belonging because you’re part of a huge crowd with a common interest-your team winning!  It’s  like the mob mentality but in a positive way. Going to a game  gave me a new perspective on the fan thing. Your right in the middle of it all and I love the energy and the  things the promoters do to keep you engaged.

I am learning the names of the players, what the positions mean, and I am even  contemplating  getting more team garb to wear. I think I will keep exploring this sports thing,  especially since I have a sports mentor. 

Spiritual Reflection
The Pharisees asked Jesus to silence the crowd.
He replied, “If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would  burst into cheers!”( Luke 19:40)
Other Sources
Maslow’s Theory made simple